Cat Cafe 299 in Ikebukuro

IMG_5248Japan’s cat cafes are quite well known by now.  When I was visiting Tokyo last March, I’d already been in Japan for almost seven months, and I’d still not been to a cat cafe.  So when I met up with my friend Tohru, he offered to take me to one of the ones he likes in Ikebukuro, Cat Cafe 299.

IMG_5254Cat Cafe 299 has a very cozy atmosphere.  Aside from the cats wandering around, there are comfy chairs all over the place, a vending machine for drinks, and lots of manga.  In fact, most people were only playing with the cats in passing, since many were sleeping and not really up to socializing (unless you bought them food, as seen above.)  In general, a lot of people were reading, napping, or just hanging out and chatting like Tohru and I were.
IMG_2259 IMG_2257 IMG_2262It was really just a nice place to go to get out of the cold and talk a bit.  Tohru was interesting to talk to, because he’s a Japanese friend I made through friends who came to Japan the previous November, and he has nothing to with my school, nor does he speak English.  So not only was it a chance to hang out with a friend, it was great conversation practice for me.

After the cat cafe, it was already getting late (maybe 8:30ish?) and neither of us had eaten, so we wandered around for a bit until we picked a place to eat some cheap ramen.  Tohru was funny, because he was nervous about western etiquette and things, but I told him not to bother.  He even asked things I didn’t know the answer to.  (When going up stairs, is it proper for a guy to let a woman go first?  Does it matter?  I’d never thought about it before…)
IMG_2265 IMG_2264Just another night out in Tokyo.  Thanks for reading!


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Hello! I'm just an amateur blogger and photographer who enjoys travel and learning languages. I'm currently back in the US and use my blog to record my past adventures and plan for the future ones. ;)
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