Tsim Sha Tsui: Victoria Bay and Live Music


Tsim Sha Tsui is an urban area whose waterfront looks out on Hong Kong’s Victoria Bay.  After I’d spent the first part of the day shopping, I arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui with no real goal in mind, other than wandering around and getting a glimpse of city skyline.  But as it turns out, Hong Kong had other plans for me…


I started out by the clock tower and slowly began to walk further down, keeping along the waterline to enjoy the view.  Being on my feet all day, it was nice to be able to sit down and watch the scenery.  The weather wasn’t perfect–a bit two windy, a little chilly–but it wasn’t bad either, so I was enjoying being outside.  Unfortunately, the view didn’t hold my attention for too long, but something else managed to catch my eye–or rather, my ear.  To my luck and delight, they were holding a music performance that day put together by the Honk Kong Arts Centre.  Apparently it’s a regular event, so if you’re in Hong Kong, or going to be in Hong Kong, I’d recommend looking into any future events they may have planned.


Karmen Cheung, a Hong Kong singer/songwriter was the one who first grabbed me by the ears and pulled me over.  She has a lovely voice and someone has put up some of the performance on youtube


After Miss Cheung was a blues band with some real kick.  They had a great vocalist, Sybil Thomas, and a really great harmonica player Henry Chung.  The band was called The Spontaneous Combustion, but I’m afraid I didn’t get the other band members’ names, but their performance is also on youtube.  In a great show of the diversity and talent of Hong Kong musicians, their performance was followed by a traditional Chinese instrument and then an emo rock band.


I spent a long time just sitting and enjoying the music.  I had absolutely no where else to be and was pefectly happy where I was.  I think a beautiful thing about traveling on your own is that you are not obligated to do anything other than exactly what you want to do.  Any worries about my school work or drama with friends or my future is forgotten, because there is simply very little I can do about it then.  There’s no one to meet, no one I need to worry about other than myself.  It’s a kind of freedom.

At the same time as this live performance was happening, the Hong Kong Museum of Art was also having some kind of event.  In retrospect, I do wish that I’d gone inside the museum, but at least I got a free mini cupcake!



The sun was setting, night began to fall.  I went back towards the urban jungle that is the city to find some dinner–chicken curry that I would regret later, unfortunately.  Then I returned for a whole different show–the skyline at night, as well as the Symphony of Lights.



The clocktower.  A bit blurry, unfortunately.  Sorry.


The Symphony of Lights is a combination of music, laser lights and building decoration lights at 8 PM everyday.  Across the water, the buildings light up in synchronization with the music and spotlights and laser lights shoot out from the taller buildings.  This all sounds quite impressive, but in reality it’s not.  It was cool, but a bit of a let down since I’d been waiting for so long.  And with nothing to do after my dinner, I had been waiting around for quite a while, which meant I had a nice seat for the show, but also that I had gotten quite cold.  At some point, a Chinese family (from HK or elsewhere, I don’t know) sat next to me, and the mother noticed that I was wrapping my arms around my legs, trying to keep warm, and insisted I use a corner of the blanket they brought.  I knew very little Chinese, and she did not speak English, but she still insisted on lending me some of their blanket and warmth.  The kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze.  Or perhaps mothers.


Thanks for reading.


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