Flower Viewing Part II: Nara


I went with two of my friends to visit Nara one evening and see the cherry blossoms blooming in Nara Park.  We certainly were not disappointed!  However, we were just going casually to walk around and hang out and possibly go to a cafe, and I didn’t bring my camera.  That was certainly a mistake, as we ended up taking a lot more photos of cherry blossoms right around sunset, and I only had my iPhone with me.  Woe is me.


The Kofuku-ji pagoda towers over Nara Park and is often one of the first things tourists see as they wander towards the park and Horyuji Temple.  After, we wandered towards Himuro Shrine.


With all these blossoms blooming, it feels like Japan is showing us the true beauty of the land.  A preservation of tradition, appreciation for nature and the natural cycles of the world.


The older, larger trees with longer branches will drape their blossoms down and look more like weeping willows.  With a gentle breeze, the flowers swaying in the wind is a truly beautiful sight.


My friends and I.  Who could resist taking a photo with such a gorgeous background?  Unfortunately, it has become almost second nature to us to throw up a “V” sign for photos, haha.  When in Rome…


The deer were out and about as well, starting to lose their shaggy winter coats.  Perhaps they, too, were happy that spring had come, because they were much less aggressive than they were in the summer.


I couldn’t resist taking another photo once we stumbled upon this grove of trees, and almost no other people in sight.  Perhaps it was because the sun was setting and an early evening chill had set in, but to see the cherry blossoms in the glow of the setting sun was also a wonderful experience.


Thanks for looking.


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Hello! I'm just an amateur blogger and photographer who enjoys travel and learning languages. I'm currently back in the US and use my blog to record my past adventures and plan for the future ones. ;)
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