First Job Interview in Japan!

I interviewed for a small English tutoring job today, just something I can do to earn a little extra money and gain work experience, but won’t interfere with my classes.  I’ve heard many stories about how precise you must be when dressing for the interview and how to act, but this was all pretty casual.  The other interviewees were all classmates I already knew and I actually ended up being the one who dressed up the most, even though I was only wearing a blue dress, black stockings, and small black heels.  I wasn’t too nervous going in since I’m not absolutely gung-ho about working in Japan, so that took a lot of pressure off.  The only off-putting moment was when the interviewer found out I also studied Chinese and then he wanted to talk a little in Chinese (even though that has nothing to do with the job), and I couldn’t understand his very first question!  (His wording was a little weird to me.)  “你到明年几月份”? I guess that’s right…  I probably would have asked it “你明年到什么时候?“ Who knows if that’s right or not.  Uggghhh, I need a Chinese tutor!

But I think I have a good chance of getting the job–it seemed to me that, rather than finding out how well we could teach/teaching experience, he was just getting what times we were free and then trying to fill in all the open time slots, so I don’t think any of us will get turned down.


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Hello! I'm just an amateur blogger and photographer who enjoys travel and learning languages. I'm currently back in the US and use my blog to record my past adventures and plan for the future ones. ;)
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