Doutonbori in Osaka Namba! First Day Out!

So, for our first real day out to explore Japan, we ended up going to Osaka’s Namba area, which is full of shopping and delicious things to eat.  We spent the day wandering around, taking photos, and feasting our eyes (and stomachs) on all that Osaka had to offer.ImageImageFirst was takoyaki–I absolutely love takoyaki, so I was so happy to be able to come to the place where it originated.  And I highly recommend it to anyone who comes to Osaka.  It’s so famous, that most souvenir shops offer little takoyaki and octopus keychains and charms and etc.ImageImageI couldn’t help buying myself a little octopus. ^_^ImageImageImageDoutonbori is a famous part of Osaka, probably most easily recognized by the giant animals that hang above each shop, showing what their specialty is.ImageImageImageImageImageThere was lots of shopping and many, many adorable stores, but thankfully (depending on how you look at it) I am probably to big for most Japanese stores, so there was very little temptation to buy anything.  Still, it was fun to look around and see how the styles differed from, not only American fashion, but Taiwanese and Chinese as well. ImageImageImageWe found the Bodyline shop!  My inner lolita was dancing with joy, but I know better than to try to be that foreigner, haha.ImageImage

It started to rain at the end, and it has been quite rainy in Japan these past few days.  It’s put a damper on some of our activities, but it also provides a whole different sort of beautiful atmosphere, don’t you think?


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Hello! I'm just an amateur blogger and photographer who enjoys travel and learning languages. I'm currently back in the US and use my blog to record my past adventures and plan for the future ones. ;)
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4 Responses to Doutonbori in Osaka Namba! First Day Out!

  1. lmjapan says:

    I was in Osaka last year and went to Dotonbori so I loved looking at these pictures. Did you see the ramen shops with the big green dragon on the sign? Had a bowl of ramen there…..wasn’t very good. Glad you enjoyed the takoyaki!

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