Hangzhou West Lake

A quick post to talk about Hangzhou’s West Lake.  First off, Hangzhou is beautiful, and is considered one of the best cities to live in China.  And one of the most famous sites is the West Lake.  It’s a natural lake with many man-made additions that offers boat rides and such for tourists.  It’s also very beautiful at night and we got to walk around and enjoy a water-light show on the lake, though I have no photos of that.

Overlooking the lake is Leifeng Pagoda, not the original one, as that one is long-gone, but still beautiful.  It is the sight of one of China’s famous stories about a snake spirit/woman who wanted to become human and fell in love with a Chinese man.  There are several different versions, but if you google “Lady White Snake” or other variations thereof, you’ll be able to read the tale.  There is also a version on Netflix (with Jet Li!) called “The Sorcerer and the White Snake.”


IMG_9123 IMG_9135 IMG_9157 IMG_9172 IMG_9188 IMG_9210 IMG_9276 IMG_9308 IMG_9310


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