Yuyuan or Yu Garden [Image Heavy]

While I’m still writing about the area near the City Temple, I’ll also write about the Yu Garden, which is in the same area, though we went there on a different day.  The Yu Garden is very beautiful and unexpectedly large.  It’s like a maze, it’s so large, and there are so many little pathways and rooms to explore, each filled with natural or traditional works of art and beauty.


Here’s me, attempting to look calm an peaceful and like I actually belong in such a beautiful place.  I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention to the history of the area, but it’s definitely easy to imagine it being an old garden (though possibly a renovated one), in which ladies in beautiful hanfu spent their time and inspired Chinese poets~  Haha, or maybe I have been watching too many dramas.


We wandered the pathways for probably close to an hour–I think we were only given an hour and a half in total for this outing, unless we wanted to go back on our own.  But an hour was probably enough, at least in that weather, with so many people.  However, I can definitely imagine returning one day, with a couple of friends, when the weather isn’t so scorching hot, and the area isn’t so crowded with tourists.  It would be nice to take our time exploring the interesting rock formations, learning the purpose of each of the rooms, and maybe taking a moment to just sit by the water and watch the fish.

Chinese koi are amazing, really.  Considering the polluted area they live in, they must be very hardy.  I went through countless numbers of goldfish when I was younger, and none of them lived for more than a couple of years.



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