Shanghai City Temple

It’s a shame to say, but the area around the temple is actually more interesting than the temple itself.


I’ll start by talking about the temple anyway. It was smaller than I expected and I have a feeling that it’s not exactly authentic–you definitely get the feeling that it’s been prettied up for tourists, and the majority of the people who go are not there to pray, but to sight-see.  (You have to pay a 10 kuai entrance fee.)






So, we got into the temple area and looked around a bit.  Very few people were actually praying, and there were so many other tourists that I wasn’t worried about whether or not I was bothering people by taking photos.  Perhaps taking their photos could be considered a modern version of worship, in a way.Image

The ribbons below are supposedly for wishing wealth or luck or happiness or whatever.  You can see that there are names written on them, and then they are tied,  I’m sure there is much more significance to the process, but I don’t know the story behind them.  Image

Pictured below is supposedly the god of studying or academia or something.  We all prayed to him a bit, for good luck in our studies, haha.  Hopefully he wasn’t offended by the fact that we didn’t know the proper way to pay him respect and we don’t all end up with failing grades.


And oops.  We’re doing a girl’s night–watching Chinese chick flicks and doing facemasks and stuff.  My friends arrived as I was typing this, so I’ll do a seperate post later for the rest of what we did.  I actually have quite a few posts to type up, I’ve had so many adventures and so little time to write about them.


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Hello! I'm just an amateur blogger and photographer who enjoys travel and learning languages. I'm currently back in the US and use my blog to record my past adventures and plan for the future ones. ;)
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