The Pearl Tower

We took a trip to the famous Pearl Tower, a field trip through our school’s program, which meant it was all paid for and transportation was provided.  As expected of a tourist spot, it was extremely clean and everything looked new, or at least well-maintained, which is more than can be said for most of China.  We went up to the observation area first, to take in the view of Shanghai’s beautiful city scape, the clear skies, and glittering blue riverway.  (Can you tell I’m being sarcastic?)


Afterwards, we went down a level to the area with a glass floor, which has a specific name, though I’ve forgotten it.  It was a pretty unreal experience, walking around with nothing seperating you from hundreds of feet of open air but a bit of glass.  I enjoyed it, but a few of my classmates don’t do well with heights apparently, so they didn’t want to walk out.  It’s definitely no fun if you’re terrified of heights.


We meandered through an arcade area, but didn’t play anything.  Next was the museum.  I feel that the museum, while interesting and beautifully made, tried to cram a bit too much information into you at one time.  It got a bit tiring after a while, and if you are already familiar with China and/or are going to visit other, more authentic areas, it might not be of much interest.  Here are a few photos anyway.



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